Today at 4 PM Lehigh University, some of the best wrestlers in the nation will do battle to answer the age old question:

Who’s #1?

Per the event details, Who’s #1 is “Flowrestling’s newest creation. It is an unprecedented event transcending the sport of wrestling and fusing its burgeoning popularity with MMA. The landmark event ‘Who’s #1,’ detonates November 2nd at Lehigh University’s vaunted Grace Hall, often dubbed the ‘Snake Pit’.

The Who’s #1 dual will feature wrestlers at the high school level, followed by a cross-sport finale pitting wrestler Jordan Oliver against mixed martial arts star, Bubba Jenkins.”

Which makes it even more exciting that CMP Teamwear is right in the middle of it!

Once again, CMP Teamwear has partnered with FLips Wrestling to provide all the athletes with custom wrapped headphones and singlets for all the participants.

At CMP Teamwear, we are truly humbled to have this opportunity to partner with Flips Wrestling once again and to be a part of such a spectacular event.

We don’t know what we’re more excited about, watching some great wrestling or seeing our gear on the athletes!

For a peak at the gear (and into the design process), check out the pics below: